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Commodity Products

Price volatility is a significant risk for commodity producers and consumers. BMO Capital Markets has a long-term commitment to helping clients manage this risk. Our professionals, located in Calgary, Chicago, Houston, New York and London, draw from diverse backgrounds to develop hedging strategies for a variety of commodities, including crude oil, natural gas, refined products, natural gas liquids, base and precious metals.

As an energy and metals market maker, we provide real-time pricing information and discreet, competitive transactions. Our risk management experts are in close contact with clients, providing daily market summary reports, weekly storage and price charts, customized scenario analysis, and research reports discussing various aspects of global commodity markets. We keep our clients apprised of changing supply/demand fundamentals, forward pricing curve dynamics, weather forecasts and intermarket pricing relationships, all of which affect commodity prices on a second-by-second basis.


  • NYMEX Natural Gas Swaps, Options and Swaptions
  • NYMEX Light Sweet Crude Oil Swaps, Options and Swaptions
  • Locational Natural Gas Pipeline Basis Points Swaps and Options
  • IPE and Dated Brent Crude Oil Swaps and Options
  • Heating Oil, Fuel Oil, Gasoline, Jet Fuel Swaps and Options
  • Natural Gas Liquids Swaps and Options
  • Base Metal Swaps and Options
  • Precious Metal Spot, Forwards, Swaps and Options

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