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Equity Derivatives

The BMO Capital Markets Equity Derivatives team has more than 30 years of expertise in serving the needs of our clients across a broad range of products and services. Whether you are looking for yield enhancement or market strategies to manage risk, our North American team provides top-tier derivatives sales and trading advice to achieve your objectives.

With derivatives specialists in Toronto, New York and Montreal, we offer customizable solutions for a broad spectrum of clients that include hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds, investment managers and high net worth individuals. In addition, we provide a full suite of electronic trading solutions, including FIX connectivity and algorithmic trading strategies.

Our product and service capabilities include:

Equity and Index Options
  • Dedicated North American Equity Derivatives team is focused on providing customized analysis & hedging solutions, competitive pricing & execution capabilities, market intelligence and fundamental & volatility-based trading strategies
  • Provide structured solutions including hedging/monetizing of securities and portfolios, OTC options, swaps and forwards based on stocks, baskets and indices
  • A market leader in options block execution*

* Montreal Exchange

Convertible Bonds
  • Ranked #2 in secondary trading by volume*
  • Our full service offering includes axe lists, research publications and weekly commentary

* BMO Quantitative Execution Services Desk Reports

Canadian Fixed Income and Equity Index Futures Trading Services
  • #1 market share in client execution for Canadian futures*
  • Proven track record in trade idea generation for clients

* Montreal Exchange

Global Futures Clearing Services
  • Our global clearing services group is client focused and devoted to the institutional clearing of Canadian futures
  • We are the largest clearer of futures for client accounts in Canada*

* as of December 2011, Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation

Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) and Index Trading
  • Act as underwriter, designated broker and market maker for ETFs across all asset classes
  • Partner with issuers to design and launch ETF products since the inception of ETFs in the Canadian market
Preferred Shares
  • Our seasoned agency sales and proprietary trading team for listed Canadian preferred shares is consistently ranked #1 or #2 in institutional block trading*
  • Provider of client focused monthly / quarterly reports, as well as longest serving Preferred Index, the "BMO CM 50 Preferred Share Index"

* BMO Quantitative Execution Services Desk Reports

  • Dedicated facilitation trader
  • Monthly research communications

Main Contacts

Listed Equity Options: Jason Shutt
(416) 359-8307

Convertibles: Paul Rhude
(416) 359-6082

Futures: David Mansfield
(416) 359-4090

ETF’s: Jing Huang
(416) 359-8091

Preferred Shares: Elena Tzembelicos
(416) 359-5403

Structured Solutions: Kim Jansen
(416) 359-7013

United States

Listed Equity Options and Convertibles: Dan Welch
(212) 702-1910