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Fixed Income Structured Notes
BMO 2.00% 24NOV22-18 SU
Product Details
Issue DateNovember 24, 2017
Final Maturity DateNovember 24, 2022
Original Term5.0 years
Next Extension DateNovember 24, 2018
Extension FrequencySemi-annually
Coupon FrequencySemi-annually
Product Description
  • An Extendible Step-up Note is a good alternative to conventional fixed income products because of its higher coupon rate. A higher coupon rate is offered as the issuer has the option to extend the maturity of the note, but the maturity can only be extended on specified dates and for a specified time. If the maturity is extended, the investor will receive a higher step-up coupon to offset the impact of rising interest rates. These notes are backed by high-quality issuers and provide full principal protection if held to maturity, similar to traditional bonds.

Coupon Schedule
From (Including)To (Excluding)Rate
November 24, 2017November 24, 20182.00%
November 24, 2018November 24, 20192.15%
November 24, 2019November 24, 20202.25%
November 24, 2020November 24, 20212.50%
November 24, 2021November 24, 20223.00%