Market Linked GICs

What are BMO Market-Linked GICs?

BMO Market-Linked GICs are diversified solutions that combine the performance returns of stocks, mutual funds, and/or stock indices with the added benefit of principal protection.

BMO Market-Linked GICs provide investors with:

  • the opportunity to earn potentially higher returns than traditional GICs
  • the security of having 100% of their principal guaranteed
  • diversification of their investment portfolio.

BMO Market-Linked GICs are designed for investors looking to manage investment risk in order to protect wealth, as well as provide the higher return potential of equity markets. BMO Market-Linked GICs offer investors the best of both worlds - security and higher return potential - in one simple solution.

Speak to your Investment Advisor for more information on the series currently available for sale.

Coming soon: A refreshed suite of products to meet your investing needs.