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Principal At Risk Notes
Bank of Montreal S&P/TSX Composite Low Volatility Index Accelerator Principal At Risk Notes, Series 34 (CAD)
Product Details
IssuerBank of Montreal
Linked toS&P/TSX Low Volatility Index
Issue DateMarch 15, 2017
Maturity DateSeptember 15, 2023
Term6.5 Years
Upside Participation400.00%
Cap LevelNone
Downside ProtectionNone
Maximum PaymentNone
Minimum Payment$1.00
Maturity Return Profile*
* The return profile above is provided for illustration purposes only. This graph demonstrates the payment on the Principal At Risk Notes based on a specific return on the reference asset. There can be no assurance that any specific return will be achieved on the Principal At Risk Notes.
Product Description
  • The Notes are designed to provide investors with the opportunity for an enhanced return in the medium term.
  • Issuer: Bank of Montreal.
  • Term: 6.5 year term to maturity.
  • Reference Index: The price return version of the S&P/TSX Composite Low Volatility Index is designed to measure the performance of the 50 least volatile stocks within the S&P/TSX Composite Index. Constituents are weighted relative to the inverse of their corresponding volatility, with the least volatile stocks receiving the highest weights. The Reference Index is designed to serve as a benchmark for low volatility or low variance strategies based on the S&P/TSX Composite Index, which is the headline index and the principal broad market measure for the Canadian equity markets.
  • Upside Participation: 400% (or 4.0 times the Index Return) where the Index Return is positive.
  • Downside Participation: 100% participation where the Index Return is negative.
  • Minimum Payment Amount: $1.00 per Note.
  • Daily Secondary Market: Provided by BMO Capital Markets (may be subject to an early trading charge of up to 4.50% declining to zero over 360 days from the Issue Date and other limitations as described in the Prospectus).

Current Status
Update as ofApril 26, 2017
Remaining Term6.39 years
Current ETC4.50%
Current Bid Price historical $102.17