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Principal At Risk Notes
Bank of Montreal U.S. Q-Model Principal At Risk Notes, Series 92A (CAD)
Initial Terms
Issuer:Bank of Montreal
Issue Date:April 5, 2017
Maturity Date:April 5, 2027
Term to Maturity:10
Status Update
Term Remaining:9.94 years
Current ETC**:2.00 %
Current Bid Price*:$104.71
Historical Bid Prices & Distribution:view
Offering Summary
  • **ONLY AVAILABLE TO CANADIAN RESIDENT AND NESBITT CLIENTS** The Notes are designed for investors seeking capital growth from a disciplined, quantitative approach to investing in U.S.–listed equity securities. The return on the Notes will be based on the total return performance (i.e., capital appreciation and net dividends) of a notional portfolio of equity securities of U.S.-listed companies selected using the monthly rankings generated by the BMO Capital Markets U.S. Quantitative Factor Model. The Principal amount is not protected under these Notes.