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Principal Protected Notes
Bank of Montreal Canadian Financials Growth Principal Protected Deposit Notes, Series 57
Product Details
IssuerBank of Montreal
ClassEquity Linked
Linked to5 Canadian TSX issuers
Participation Rate110%
Issue dateFebruary 14, 2018
Maturity dateFebruary 14, 2024
Term6 years
Product Description
  • Variable Return, if any, linked to the performance of an equally-weighted notional portfolio of 5 Canadian TSX-listed issuers. The Variable Return per Deposit Note is $100 multiplied by 110% of the percentage change in the closing level, if the percentage change is positive. 100% Principal Protection: by Bank of Montreal, as issuer, if held to Maturity.

Current Status As of May 22, 2018
Remaining Term5.73 years
Current ETC**3.30 %
Return since Inception:-2.22 %
Cumulative Distribution$0.00
Adjusted Cost Base if held since Inception$100.00
Current Bid Price: Historical Bid Prices & Distribution $97.78

**Early trading charge will reduce proceeds on disposition.