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Principal Protected Notes
Bank of Montreal Canadian Equity AutoCallable Principal Protected Deposit Notes, Series 10 (F-Class)
Product Details
IssuerBank of Montreal
ClassEquity Linked
Linked to5 Canadian TSX issuers
Issue dateMay 16, 2018
Maturity dateMay 16, 2024
Term6 years
Product Description
  • If the Deposit Notes are not automatically called by the Bank before Maturity, and the Reference Basket Return on the Final Valuation Date is less than the AutoCall Level, a holder will receive the Deposit Amount in respect of each of the holder’s Deposit Notes.
  • Fixed Return in Year 1: 5.25%; Year 2: 10.50%; Year 3: 15.75%; Year 4: 21.00%; Year 5: 26.25%; Year 6: 31.50% (or an annualized return of 5.25%, 5.12%, 5.00%, 4.88%, 4.77% and 4.67%
  • respectively).AutoCall Level: A Reference Basket Return equal to 0%

Current Status As of April 19, 2018
Remaining Term6.00 years
Current ETC**
Return since Inception:0.00 %
Cumulative Distribution$0.00
Adjusted Cost Base if held since Inception$100.00
Current Bid Price: Historical Bid Prices & Distribution $100.00

**Early trading charge will reduce proceeds on disposition.