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Effectively managing information allows you to make informed business decisions and maximize the use of your funds, reducing borrowing costs and increasing investment returns as a result. Recognizing that companies have complex needs when it comes to collecting and making sense of information, we recommend working with your treasury management partner to develop the right mix of electronic statements, online and paper reporting tools, and connectivity options.

Flexible Online Reports

We offer a full range of information delivery and presentment options that streamline reporting functions and put up-to-the-minute information at your fingertips. With Online Banking for Business, you can view reports online, or download and save account information in multiple formats for easy integration into your accounting systems. Our online reporting solutions include reports on real-time account information, global reporting, detailed transaction reports, and activity reports, among others.

Multiple Connectivity Options

We offer the most widely used internet-based file transfer methods available, including AS2, VPN, Secure FTP and HTTPS. Depending on your requirements, these options enable you to use one method for all of your file transmissions, or fully automate and schedule the secure downloading of information. Security features include 256-bit encryption, User IDs, passwords, and SecurID tokens for authentication.

Hybrid Reporting Solutions

In addition to online reporting, we offer CD-ROM, DVD and paper copies for clients who require a combination of traditional and electronic reporting options. CD-ROM and DVD formats provide additional flexibility and storage options for businesses managing large amounts of data, such as check images and images of remittance payments and documentation.

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